Working From Home: The ADHD Version

Today I’m working from home. I typically do this once a week (instead of subbing) to catch up on everything that life slips by but always plan it to be a day where I write 4 articles for clients and myself.

Today, that means:

Check Facebook.

Check Twitter.

Read Message board I belong to.

Send a tweet about something they just discussed on The Today Show.

Remember to log into Viggle for The Today Show.

Check out new Rewards on Viggle.

Fiddle with blog layout.

Jot down notes for an article I’m working on.

Read a blog post or two from blogs I never get to read anymore.

RSVP to a TweetChat that I want to attend (and starts in 10 minutes).

Begin writing a blog post.

Save blog post because it needs more attention than I can give to it.

Realize that it’s almost 1pm and I’m hungry.

Realize that it’s almost 1pm and I haven’t had shower yet.

Realize that it’s almost 1pm and I have to pick up the kids in TWO HOURS!

Write lame blog post that was too long to be a tweet.

Publish blog post.

Check Twitter.

Check Facebook.

Admit that you have no business working from home right now.

Create an “I’m sorry I suck.” email for client in head to be penned later.

Decide it’s best to give up on dreams of becoming a full time freelance writer and that is ok.

Read awesome comments on the lame blog post you just wrote!

Wonder how many others out there have been through this too?

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