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TB-NE Series Chain Bucket Elevator
Categories:Bucket elevator
Introduction:TB - NE series chain bucket elevator, a new type of hoisting equipment, is developed by our company based on foreign adv...
TH Bucket Elevator
Categories:Bucket elevator
Introduction:TH chain bucket elevator, with round-link chain as traction component, is suitable for conveying powder, granular and sm...
TD Bucket Elevator
Categories:Bucket elevator
Introduction: TD bucket elevator is a kind of belt bucket elevator that adopts two ways of unloading which is centrifugal and mixing...
Bucket Elevator
Product:Bucket Elevator
Categories:Bucket elevator
Introduction: Bucket elevator is used for conveying powder, granular and small lump materials at vertical or large angle of inclinat...
LS Screw Conveyor
Categories:Screw conveyor
Introduction: LS screw conveyor is a new substitute product based on DINI5261 ~ 1986 standard, which can convey the materials under ...