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GX Screw Conveyor
Categories:Screw conveyor
Introduction:GX screw conveyor in the ambient temperature of -2 0~50℃ can convey the materials below 200℃ in the horizontal or with i...
Screw Conveyor
Product:Screw Conveyor
Categories:Screw conveyor
Introduction:The screw conveyor is kind of continuously conveying equipment not with flexible traction but using spiral entity rotati...
FU Chain Conveyor
Categories:Chain conveyer
Introduction:Our company has deeply study on the core components, chain, of FU chain conveyor. The chain that adopts superior alloy s...
Conical Cylindrical Gear Reducer
Introduction:DBY and DCY conical cylindrical gear reducer series belong to the national upgrading products that can replace ZQ, ZL an...
ZJ Shaft-mounted Reducer
Introduction:ZJ shaft-mounted reducer is a new type of driving device designed specially by our company for belt conveyor, bucket ele...