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DG Pipe Belt conveyor
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DG Pipe Belt conveyor
DG Pipe Belt conveyor
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In addition to the performance features of the ordinary belt conveyor, the pipe belt conveyor has more prominent features:

1.It can transport various kinds of materials: at present, pipe belt conveyors have been widely used in steel, building materials, paper making, grain, salt manufacturing and chemical industries in foreign.

2.Airtight conveying the material: because the material is running in the conveyor that surrounded in the pipe rubber belt; the material will not scatter and fly; and will not influence by the wind, rain and other external environment. It can reduce the loss of materials in transit; especially in conveying slag, ore and other materials, it can reduce the materials impact on the environment.

3.The convey line can layout along the space curve: because the rubber belt forms siphonate, when running, each belt can be coiled. For nylon canvas rubber belt, the min radius of curvature in the horizontal and vertical plane is up to 300 times of the pipe diameter.

4.Big obliquity convey: because the belt is round tubular, it increases the friction coefficient between the materials and the rubber belt. Therefore, the max inclination angle of the line can reach 30¡ã. For the materials with poor mobility, the inclination angle can also be increased. This feature is important for conveying materials to the higher level, because it can reduce the conveying length, save the space position and lower the equipment cost.

5.The upper and lower branches of the rubber belt are respectively used for materials round transportation: because the rubber belt on the on-load (upper) branch and unload (lower) branch are all round pipes, the materials can be conveyed to the opposite direction with unload branch, but it needs set up a special feeding device.