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GZ Series Electro-Vibrating Feeder
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GZ Series Electro-Vibrating Feeder
GZ Series Electro-Vibrating Feeder
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GZ series electro-vibration feeder is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, light industry, chemical industry, electric power, machinery, grain and other industries, and for putting the lump, granular and powdery materials from the storage bin or funnel continuously or quantitatively into the receiving device. For example, feeding to the belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screening equipment; feeding to the crusher and pulverizer, as well as for automatic proportioning and quantitative packaging, and can be used for automatic control of the production process to realize the automation technological process.

Compared with other feeding equipment, electro-vibration feeder has the following characteristics:

 (1) Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation, no rotating parts that doesn¡¯t needs lubrication, convenient maintenance and low operating cost;

(2) The electro-vibration feeder uses the resonance principle of mechanical vibration that the dual body works in the low critical and near resonant state, thus it consumes less energy;

(3) It can change and hoist the material flow instantaneously, so the feed volume has higher precision;

(4) This series electro-vibration machine adopts silicon controlled half-wave rectification circuit, which can adjust the feeding volume by adjusting the opening angle of the silicon controlled, and is suitable for centralized control and automatic control of production process;

(5) Because the materials in the feeder are thrown up continuously in the feeding process, and the jumping motion is carried out along with parabolic track, the abrasion of the feeder trough is smaller;

(6)This series of electro-vibration machine is not used for explosion-proof occasions;

(7) It can convey the hot materials lower than 300¡ãC, but not for the wet powder materials of high glutinousness.