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Maybe it will be currency. Who knows, maybe it will be broadband. I can think of any number of developments. Again, we are a nation of laws, not of people. Condemning the of his own Republican Party, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake opted not to run for office again, citing Trump uncivil persona as one reason. Then there Republican Senator John McCain who has not been on good terms with the president.

Is our expectation that all suppliers conduct their business and produce products that are in full compliance with the law, Walmart spokesman Brian Nick said. On this notice, we are immediately reaching out to the suppliers of these products to learn more information and will take appropriate action. Said it had not yet seen the full report but committed to providing high quality and safe products to our guests.

Readers’ Favorite is one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet. They are also fully accredited by the BBB (A+ rating), which is a rarity among Book Review and Book Award Contest companies.Single mother Bryn Charles can’t believe her luck when she signs Shane Smith, Nighthawk player and NFL superstar, to organise a kick ass event. She’s never been one for jocks, but there is no denying that Shane has a body to die for, and Jen, Bryn’s friend, has hooked designer Oris Odili and intends to ensure he knows exactly how to show off all of his best features.

If you educate somebody, that the ticket that they need. I think that our goal should be very ambitious. It should be to eliminate poverty. Trying to hit any aspect that we can as far as helping kids develop, as well as getting parents engaged, she said. For everyone, any kid who can get out here and play; that increasing their mental health, and that our goal. Ceremony was a moment of pride for Ayden Arts and Recreation Director Tommy Duncan, who was happy to see the playground complete.

Chatbots, surprisingly, have been around since the 1960s, when an MIT professor created an artificial intelligence agent named ELIZA. She was designed to utter such psychotherapy phrases as “tell me more” and hold simple conversations with people, according to a Time magazine report. Later versions of chatbots include SmarterChild, which sat within the desktop version of AOL Instant Messenger beginning in the early 2000s.

The junior had 2,225 rushing yards with 44 touchdowns. He caught 26 passes for 446 yards and 15 touchdowns. He was also 25 of 39 through the air for 513 yards with eight TD passes. Kurt Warner, our quarterback, is the most unlikely of football successes. Every college team, every scout and every professional team missed on him. In a sport where players are computer rated, graded, tested, weighed, timed, quizzed and probed from high school onward not one assessment rated him a player of potential.

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Earlier this year, Entergy received a pair of restoration awards from the Edison Electric Institute, the Emergency Recovery Award for restoring power following Gustav and Ike and the Emergency Assistance Award for helping Public Service of Oklahoma and AEP Texas after major storms hit those states. Entergy is the only company in the United States to have received an EEI Emergency Response Award in each of the 11 years that the awards have been presented. With operations in southern, central and northeastern Louisiana, the companies are part of Entergy Corporation electric system serving 2.7 million customers in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas.

The Seahawks finished with 11 penalties for 98 yards, with a trio of penalties on separate plays in the first quarter. The second came when three time All Pro cornerback Richard Sherman was flagged three times on a play erasing Kam Chancellor interception. Sherman was flagged for pass interference and holding on Titans veteran wide receiver Eric Decker, and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Hoping that it might be chippy, he said. Is fine. That is part of the game, but as far as any extracurricular, I know that I not on that and I hope that nobody is out there trying to end people seasons and things like that because at the end of the day, it is just football.

High revenue, high spending teams might be saving for a splurge in eight months on the best free agent class ever. In the collective bargaining agreement negotiated 15 months ago and running through 2021, the MLBPA agreed to a competitive balance tax of 20 percent on any portion of a payroll over $197 million. The MLBPA knew this was designed to be a disincentive for spending, for the purpose of enhancing competitive balance ..

Satellite TV is quickly taking over the TV entertainment service industry and with great reasons. I’m sure that you have heard of both Direct TV and Dish Network which are the two most popular satellite TV providers that are constantly going head to head for customers. They both offer many thing that are the same, and some that have slight variations in things such as the price and exact number of programming options.

Being talking about, he said. Exciting. Some at the on the Hill morning service under sunny skies drove more 100 miles to hear Tebow speak. Saut 3 minutes or until vegetables are wilted, stirring occasionally. Deglaze with red wine then add beef stock and pasta sauce. Bring to a rolling boil and reduce to simmer.

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The Pan Am games are different. For one, there’s no age limit, so you can have Langford, who plays in Russia, alongside the likes of Hill, Haas, Nigel Hayes and Melo Trimble college kids playing in the Big Ten. Haas was among the cuts on Thursday, with Hayes and Trimble still in a position to make the team..

The bombardment of advertising during the holidays spans across all media, but a billboard or TV commercial is only as strong as the company’s reputation. (Source: jarmoluk/Pixabay)(RNN) Between the holidays and the Super Bowl, companies this time of year are scrambling to push their products on TV, social media and billboards or wherever else they can find space.The exact effect on consumers is hard to quantify, but an advertisement may not compel people to run out and buy the product they see.So what’s the point of going over the top to push a message in 30 seconds, give or take, if there is no way to measure immediate payoff?Most companies are spending the money to remind current customers how good they are, not to win over a large group of new customers.”I don’t think there’s any one particular ad or commercial that can be that powerful, but it’s a cumulative effect over time that ultimately leads to brand identification and brand loyalty,” said Ross Steinman, a psychology expert who teaches marketing and consumer behavior at Widener University.The five most shared ads through late November 2015, according to video advertising technology company Unruly, included four established brand names Android, Disney, Purina and Budweiser. Those four ads had one thing in common cute, playful animals.

PASADENA, CA JANUARY 09: Actress Lena Dunham speaks onstage during the ‘Girls’ panel discussion at the HBO portion of the 2014 Winter Television Critics Association tour at the Langham Hotel on January 9, 2014 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)Dunham had created the scenario in her head and attributed misogynistic thoughts to Beckham Jr, despite them not actually speaking during the event..

Thus the timing was ripe for Neon Deion to step to the mike for a “haters gonna hate” single. “Must Be the Money” contains all the money changes shit lyrics Jay Z would later perfect. “Diamond Rolex, with ‘gators on my feet/I got two pair for every day of the week,” raps Sanders.

BUTTE Local NFL hero Colt Anderson is a Colt again after signing a one year contract with the Indianapolis ball club.”It’s a great feeling knowing that a team wants you,” Anderson said. “Last year at this time I was yet to be signed, so obviously it’s a big relief to be signed at this point in the offseason, and I’m excited to get back there and finish what we started. You know, we made it to the AFC championship and lost to the Super Bowl champs, and you know we made some moves in this offseason that put us in the right situation, and so I think we’re going to have a great year.”But the former Butte High and University of Montana star isn’t just jazzed up because he led the AFC south champions in special teams tackles with 14.

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If Gronk really is hated around the league and simply away with it, then maybe I really am living in a bubble in new England. Former Patriots safety Rodney Harrison also made the list at his jersey No. 37 for his reputation of being a dirty player.Ultimately, this is just another hilarious way for national media to pander to fans who (mostly) secretly wish Brady was their quarterback.

An intense guy, wide receiver Mike Wallace said. Knows that. I think he was just being Richie. A two way star at Iowa, he was the second round draft pick of the Redskins in 1964. Although he intercepted 28 passes in his first four seasons, he was traded to the Minnesota Vikings. He went on to excel with the Vikings for 12 more seasons before retiring after the 1979 campaign..

AUSTIN (KXAN) Thousands showed up on the south steps of the state capitol Tuesday morning in support of expanding the state’s school choice program to include a private school choice program. Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Is the nation capital and this is a great place to hang your hat. You look at something like this and nobody else can do this. It just unbelievable, especially with the 150th year for the country and the 100th year of the NHL.

Drive: 11 plays, 77 yards, 5:58. Key plays: On the second play of the drive, Rypien couldn’t find an open receiver, pulled the ball down and went for a 31 yard run. His previous long was 16. During the discussion, The USAO says that Godwin stated, “Scott is having an event this Saturday. At the Lake Charles Civic Center. At the Lake Charles Civic Center.

He did some of his student teaching while in college at Whittemore Park, and he even met his wife there.Being a teacher has it own challenges, but teaching middle school can be especially difficult.”Grades 6 8 kids are trying to find out who they are. They’re trying to identify themselves, they’re trying to find a group to belong to need that guidance, and they need that direction.”Hamilton was recently awarded the Yard for Teachers award presented to teachers throughout the county by the College Football Playoff Foundation. He was nominated by CCU.”At first I was in shock, I was like they send this email to the right person Why would they want to nominate me? I’m just an average guy, he joked.Hamilton said he is honored to be recognized but he doesn teach for it because I love helping these kids and I know it makes an impact, he said.With the award came $500, which Hamilton spent on school supplies not just for his classroom, but for the entire 6th grade.He credits everything he does to his love for his two children and wife.”My wife tells me, take it one day at a time.

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Carton, 48, was arrested at his home in Manhattan by FBI agents , a spokeswoman for the agency said. He and a co defendant, Michael Wright, 41, of Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, are charged with conspiracy and securities fraud. Both men are expected to appear in Manhattan federal court Wednesday afternoon..

There is only one way in my mind that this can end in a positive note. The owners and Goodell need to come together and make their rules stand and take action against players that do not comply to their dictates. They are the employers and the players are the employees.

BB: “Less than 1 percent, I say. At the game live we can actually see what (happening) but then you have to travel and all that. Now you can get the film just as quickly. But they didn’t stay settled for too long. Before Alisha knew it, Isaiah whisked her away to Montego Bay and he proposed to her while on a Jamaican getaway. Needless to say: LoveKnowsNoDistance.

Freshman Blair McFarlin won Auburn’s eighth point with a 138 137.5 win over Hunter De Jane. Senior Hailey Munger tied Brooke Boyle, 142 142, guaranteeing Auburn’s national title.”We’ve been working up to this moment all year,” Munger said. “I felt a lot of pressure going into that last ride, but I wasn’t nervous.

“Greg Robinson is one of the more talented players, not just linemen, but talented players in the whole draft,” Auburn coach Gus Malzahn said. “The more he tests, I think the more that’s seen. When they add that with the film that they watch, that’s the reason you’re hearing a lot of people talk about his name.”.

Irma is forecast to be a powerful hurricane for many days over the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Ridging is expected to build in soon, and bring it south, but the NHC notes that a upper level trough could pull it more north by the start of the work week. Any solid predictions beyond a week from anyone should be treated as false..

Kaepernick was a backup, a one time rising star who had fallen on hard times in recent years. Some felt that minimized his stand and called it a selfish act by a player who had lost stature in his sport. But he has continued his protest, kneeling on the sidelines during the anthem to show respect for the armed forces..

The Giants (0 3) hadn’t scored 20 points in eight straight games before Manning led them to 21 in a span of 5:21. He tossed TD passes of 10 yards and 4 yards to Odell Beckham Jr. To tie it at 14. Our aim with Seize the Awkward is to open the lines of communication among friends at risk in an approachable, thoughtful way,” said Ted Royer, Chief Creative Officer of Droga5. “When we see something troublesome, or worse, in our friends and we find the courage to speak to them, we can really help someone in need.”Popular digital and television talent, with a total audience exceeding 70 million people, are starring in an additional campaign video, as well as supporting the campaign on their social platforms. The video, featuring Hannah Hart, Liza Koshy, Markiplier, Meredith Foster, Orion Carloto, Remi Cruz, Shannon Beveridge, Tyler Oakley, and Tyler Posey shows each celebrity initially looking at the camera in awkward silence, before using that space tostart a conversation about mental health.

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Rob Fidati, Central Catholic; Sr. Tom Gallo, North Hunterdon; Jr. Ryan Herceg, Nazareth; Sr. On Monday at the Clearfield County Courthouse the defense focused on Hanson recovery in prison. Fawcett explains that the court looks for evidence that supports rehabilitation. “They all come to one thing: Is this a person that can be rehabilitated or not.

An All Forsyth County selection following final campaign . Gained 265 yards on the ground and three touchdowns on 24 carries during an Oct. 1 loss to Glenn High School . The City of Edmonton has a large number of traffic signals across the city at various stages in their lifespan. These will need to be replaced over time and the possibility of helping improve the flow of people and goods through new smart signals is worth exploring. Therefore at the next Council meeting, I will move:.

The people there are so kind and compassionate, they did a good job of helping me learn how to eat properly and exercise every day. Program is offered free of charge but after timing out, patients can enrol in a lifelong maintenance program for a fee. Urquhart has already signed up for that program..

Over the past several months, Vetere dropped the sale price for the Bel Air Artisans Center. The price on the Bell Air Artisans Center Facebook page in June had it up for sale at almost $250,000. The Hicks declined to discuss how much they paid for the Bel Air Artisans Center but said they feel they signed a good deal and love being a part of the rebirth of downtown Rocky Mount..

“He’s just a guy that you can rely on to make calls, be vocal,” Kelce said. “Sometimes you can see things a little bit better from the guard’s perspective. You know, I’m not perfect, I screw something up, and he’s like, ‘Oh, I don’t know if you’re thinking about the right thing there.’ It’s always beneficial to have guys like that out there.”.

The 5 foot 11 Adams was considered too short and too frail to play quarterback in the NFL, but short quarterbacks have found success in the CFL. In fact, three of the Alouettes four quarterbacks are 6 foot and under. “That applies to most of the guys in the CFL that you play with and win with.”.

“Given the anticipated ongoing expense to the general fund, the city is undergoing review of the financial feasibility of continuing stadium operations beyond that point.”While SDSU and the San Diego Bowl Association, which puts on the Holiday and Poinsettia bowls, cover their event costs, it’s up to the city to maintain the facility. According to Gustafson, the city will spend $11.7 million above what it makes in revenue on the stadium, with $4.7 million in debt service and the rest on maintenance and operations of the 50 year old stadium.That money comes from the general fund, which pays for basic city services like public safety and libraries.Wicker said he wants to improve the game day atmosphere at Qualcomm Stadium, and later provide fans at a new facility an experience more like what’s enjoyed at basketball games.”I think if you look at what happened at Viejas Arena, what it became over time with atmosphere, (coach) Steve Fisher was winning games and the program was doing well and then that atmosphere mushroomed into something special,” Wicker said. “Well, Rocky Long is building something special with our football program.”School officials in the future will reach out to fans, alumni and the business community for input, he said.Long, 66, said the departure of the Chargers was “a sad deal,” but provided his program with an opportunity.”There’s a lot of really good football fans in this town that maybe don’t want to drive four or five hours to see a football game when they can see a pretty good product right here at home and maybe they’ll become fans of our team,” Long said.

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South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma hardly made the ceremony a priority, showing up three hours late after most of the crowd had left in the company of Julius Malema, the controversial head of the ANC’s Youth League. Malema claims to be a youth leader, but he is more like a demagogic politician who has learned that the more outrageous his statements, the more “militant” his pose, the more publicity he gets. Sadly, the media can’t get enough of his provocations..

You re always looking to improve your roster, Kelly said while speaking after Stanford s pro day. There s pay for play situations that you take into consideration. Are we going to take this player and pay him more than anybody on our team? And is that worth (more) than anybody on our current team? We also have to kind of look at that..

Woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I’m mourning the death of my closest friend. But you have to accept the fact that reality is a nightmare in itself. No one knows the pain that the media and unwanted [opinions] from the public has cause my family.

Right before the half, Minster capped off another long scoring drive. The Wildcats went 80 yards on 12 plays, and capped it off with a 1 yard TD run by Huelsman, his third of the game. The Wildcats went into the locker room with a commanding 26 7 lead over the Flyers..

Q: In your heart, you want this to happen. Do you believe it will? I an optimist. They a really good group. Drew Brees’ 158.3 passer efficiency rating vs. No quarterback had averaged that high an average in 34 year. The four quarterback who did it before Brees Charley Johnson, Sonny Jurgensen, Joe Namath and Johnny Unitas are all in the Hall of Fame.

Two free throws from Abby Laszewski and a layup by McMorris gave the Badgers their first lead of the game at 53 52 with 41 seconds left in the period.The Badgers wrap up the non conference portion of their schedule, traveling to Green Bay on Thursday. From the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin.(UW Athletics contributed to this article.)Steve Stricker wins 2nd straight Champions titleSteve Stricker wins 2nd straight Champions titleBILOXI, Miss. (AP) Steve Stricker pulled away on the back nine Sunday at Fallen Oak to win the Rapiscan Systems Classic for his second straight PGA Tour Champions victory.BILOXI, Miss.

As far as this one, no way they don’t at least do their part at home in the finale. Against the spread: Chargers minus 7.5.If this were a normal midseason regular season game, I’d be talking about how this has all the earmarks of a trap game. Coming off an extremely hard fought win over their bitter division rivals, it would be easy to think the Black and Gold might not be all there like they were against the Jets two weeks ago but with the division title on the line, there’s no way they’ll be anything but ready.

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Society has come a long way in gender equality in the workplace, but issues still exist in many situations and on many levels. Unfortunately many employers still hold a bias toward one gender in many instances. Although there is a lot that goes into diversity into the workplace culture, age, race, ethnicity, economic status, religious beliefs or physical abilities gender is one of the biggest issues in the workplace..

In the other play in games yesterday, Utah State and Air Force were the winners. The Aggies were tied with San Jose State 31 31 at halftime before putting up a Mountain West Tournament record 59 second half points and rolling 90 64. The Falcons blasted out to a stunning 25 0 lead over Wyoming and won going away, 83 68.

We reached a tipping point,” said Billie Jean King, a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame who won 12 Grand Slam singles titles.”We got to get rid of the shame. That the main thing,” King said in a telephone interview. “And Jason going to help that.

Now, after crushing Randy Moss’ receiving records over his first two professional seasons, it will be interesting to see exactly how high Beckham climbs. He has clearly made some enemies along the way. Beckham’s been called a prima donna, whiner and other insults (his nemesis Josh Norman said something recently about bologna).

What a start to the season. Great runs, pinpoint QB play, huge sacks and late night drama with the missed FG. Bring on Sunday and the rest of week one. “The guy, he’s been out there 210 straight games with no telling how many bumps and bruises and injuries for his team,” Rivers added before practice with the Los Angeles Chargers. “Won two Super Bowls, MVPs, the respect he’s had in the locker room over the years, really the respect he’s gained throughout the league, you feel like the guy has earned the opportunity, if they are deciding in fact to go another direction (after the season) . To finish off these last five weeks.”.

Who ever said refereeing a professional league was a man job? Oh, because a female can’t play football she shouldn’t be refereeing it? We are all equal, there are males that are nurses, teachers and secretaries. We shouldn’t live in a world where not going outside what you believe to make others happy. Thomas is rebelling to not only make her life better but for other females with same dream.

This unfamiliar young man is Luke Del Rio, who is probably the leading contender to take over at quarterback for the Florida Gators. He’s a transfer from Oregon State by way of Alabama. (Source: AP/Eugene Tanner)It starts with Florida’s first ever Friday night Orange and Blue Debut, and guess what? Bubba Burgers is sponsoring the pregame party thing.

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Zorn playing career began with the Seahawks in 1976, which was the franchise first season, and he played nine seasons in Seattle. After leaving the Seahawks, Zorn continued his playing career with the Green Bay Packers (1985), the Canadian Football League Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1986) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1987). Zorn is among only eight players inducted into the Seahawks Ring of Honor..

If you remember, the charrette was recently used in La Crosse’s Riverside North project. It is a series of meetings where the public gives input, and designers put it into the plan.The Onalaska Waterfront Committee says they liked the format and thinks it’s the best way to move forward with the waterfront project. “It’s a very intense process that will pull a lot of people together and just, that environment in itself will bring a lot of energy to this project and making sure that we’re moving it forward in the right direction,” said Council and committee member Eric Sjolander.The waterfront project includes land west of the train tracks and will have walking and biking access paths.The city feels this project is important because of the opportunity to develop such a large area of land.

Her news career took her to Wheaton, IL, Grand Junction, CO and Boise, ID. She has covered unforgettable national tragedies: the 9 11 Attacks, the Waldo Canyon Fire, Black Forest Fire, and the Aurora Theater Shootings. She also had the privilege of celebrating with breast cancer survivors, riding in a B 17 bomber with a WWII veteran, training with firefighters for agility competitions, and field anchoring the Presidential Debates and National Political Conventions.

The Patriots, with Brady, could be next to unstoppable on offense if the offensive line holds up better than it did last season. They can run the ball with LeGarrette Blount. They can create major matchup problems for opposing defenses with their two excellent tight ends, Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett.

Instead of responding to calls to remove carcinogens from its products, this month P partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise money for early detection awareness campaigns. P will donate $1 to NBCF for every breast exam pledge that Facebook users create. Much like Castellano’s heartwarming story, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with awareness and prevention.

In total, the ticket broker is believed to have been paid more than $6,000″The only thing that we thought was different was the fact that we didn get the tickets right away,” said Warner, who got a group of 50 people together to buy tickets.The Norwalk based company, which is owned by Ernest Turner Jr., told customers that they would get the tickets in Mohegan Sun because people had lost their tickets in the past.”And there was nothing that he could do for them,” Warner was told by Turner.On opening day, the fans waited for hours until they received a phone call that the ticket guy for broker had fallen through and none were available for the game.”Why weren we informed of this days ago,” Warner said. “Why is he selling tickets to an event that he actually does not have the tickets too?”Warner said the whole experience has been “one of the most humiliating moments of her life.””It is just a runaround,” she said about trying to get the money back.Eyewitness News went to On the Scene Entertainment headquarters, which is also a cafe in Norwalk.”There was an issue where I bought some of the tickets from a gentleman and I got those right now,” Turner said. “I been in contact with everybody and we looking to get their money back as soon as possible.”Turner said he has answered all his customers calls and is working with getting them a full refund within two weeks.On the Scene Entertainment is advertising tickets for bus trips to Giants and Jets game through October.”I offered a good service and we never had problems before,” Turner said.No complaints from those trips have been reported to Eyewitness News or the Better Business Bureau.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Street drug laced with bug spray produces zombie like effectsStreet drug laced with bug spray produces zombie like effectsUpdated: Wednesday, March 21 2018 5:31 PM EDT2018 03 21 21:31:31 GMTA street drug that contains bug spray is taking a toll on drug users while producing zombie like effects.A street drug that contains bug spray is taking a toll on drug users while producing zombie like effects.State Police investigate death in East Haddam homeState Police investigate death in East Haddam homeUpdated: Saturday, March 24 2018 7:18 PM EDT2018 03 24 23:18:03 GMT.

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The asset sale the insiders through bonuses and equity cancellation payments rewarded themselves with $20 million, or 32% of net proceeds, payments not disclosed until January 2010 or many months after the sale was completed. In July 2011, the new management group at Look started an action, alleging (among other matters) breach of fiduciary duty.Last May Justice Mesbur of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, ruled Gerald McGoey, former chief executive at UBS and Look, was not entitled to the large payments received at UBS, because, according to a UBS release at the time, former UBS board, including McGoey, failed to consider the interests of shareholders and breached their fiduciary duties owing to the Company. Justice Mesbur ruled McGoey was entitled to an severance under his employment contract.

Both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman are victims of the statistical probability that some one who looks like Trayvon and dresses like Trayvon is going to perpetrate a crime in that area tonight. I don like it any more than you do. I pulled up the Sanford Florida Police Website on the computer and looked at the career criminals and repeat offenders, mug shots, crime videos, etc.

Nose tackle Marcell Dareus is out injured, but the Bills still feature four time Pro Bowler Kyle Williams in the interior of their defensive line to make running the ball difficult.If Seattle is to get its sputtering offense going, it needs to win this matchup.6 0 The Seahawks record on Monday Night Football since Pete Carroll became head coach in 2010. Overall Seattle has won 10 straight games on Monday night, which is the second longest winning streak in Monday night history.Seahawks Seattle will be without strong safety Kam Chancellor (groin) for the fourth straight game as he was unable to make it through the week. With defensive end Michael Bennett (knee) recovering from surgery, it means the Seahawks are without two of their defensive stars.

FILE This July 1, 2016, file photo, shows the Facebook Data Center in Prineville, Ore. Facebook frequently defends its data collection and sharing activities by noting that it’s adhering to a privacy policy it shares w. And British newspapers Sunday..

The Orange County congresswoman capped the hour long event with her fellow Democrat by mimicking a celebratory gesture popularized by NFL star Cam Newton. (Ed Crisostomo/The Orange County Register via AP)LOS ANGELES (AP) Rep. Senate campaign against Attorney General Kamala Harris.She finally did, but not for anything she said.The Orange County congresswoman capped an hour long debate with her fellow Democrat Wednesday by mimicking a celebratory gesture popularized by NFL star Cam Newton, known as “the dab.”Standing behind a lectern, Sanchez suddenly thrust out her left arm, while tucking her head into the crook of right arm, then holding the pose briefly.Harris initially looked puzzled, then a smile creased her face.

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